Hello, I am a freelance copywriter, cinematographer, and photographer who recently moved to Pittsburgh from New York City. I come up with traditional and digital ad campaigns, define and defend brand guidelines, oversee UX-driven website rewrites, create digital content, and even make the occasional commercial.

My availability is kept current at WORKING NOT WORKING.

I've had the pleasure of working alongside many incredible people at creative companies across the country while producing work for Amtrak, bobble, Carlsberg, Citi, .CO, Georgetown University, Google Play, Jamaica, Kawasaki, Kimberly-Clark, Nike, Old Style beer, Olympus, Pepsi, PIMCO, Rosetta Stone, Stacy Adams, Verizon, Volkswagen Credit, The Washington Post, Xfinity and more. Last year I was credited for award-winning work at the Cannes Lions, the One Show, the ADDYs and the FWA for Written In The Stars.

And thank you; for being interested enough to read all the way to the bottom. A rare breed, indeed.


Or write to ian.john.young @ gmail