Ian recently left full-time agency life as a Senior Copywriter (title case for effect) to freelance while making videos, because he really enjoys making the things he makes up. He has experience pitching ideas in every media, writing and shooting scripts, ideating traditional and digital campaigns, creating social media content, overseeing UX-driven website overhauls, and coming up with less easily-defined experiences for brands of all sizes.

In addition to writing in the third person, Ian has produced work for: Amtrak, bobble, Carlsberg, Citi, .CO, Georgetown University, Google Play, Jamaica, Kawasaki, Kimberly-Clark, Nike, Old Style beer, Olympus, Pepsi, PIMCO, Rosetta Stone, Stacy Adams, Verizon, Volkswagen Credit, The Washington Post, and more. In 2014 he was credited for award-winning work at the Cannes Lions, the One Show, the ADDYs and the FWA for Written In The Stars (WOOT WOOT).

When not freelancing for people who give a shit about the work, he writes and shoots all kinds of videos for all kinds of reasons. If that sounds like something you're into, Ian's availability is always current on WorkingNotWorking. Otherwise write him at ian.john.young at gmail.

And thank you; for being interested enough to read all the way to the bottom. A rare breed, indeed.